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nice neza
Hello list,

While creating a local domain I used to receive a welcome message in the admin account with a "From: Address" and a clear formatted email subject.

Now running Ubuntu 16.04LTS and php7.0 I used the exim4u from github which I cloned locally with git clone and now the welcome email has lost the local part in the "From: Address". I only have <empty>@domain.tld. Also the email subject has become "no subject".

Checking the email headers I found out that the related script is siteaddsubmit.php (when adding a new site) and adminuseraddsubmit.php  (when creating a new user I have same empty fields in From: address and email subject).

Also in the scripts mentioned above its mentioned "GLD fix for bug in welcome message to blank local part" and I tried the proposed fix which only worked for the destination admin email but the email subject and the "From: Address" remained empty.

Can someone help around here?



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