Debian Instructions for exim4u_ver3.1.0

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Debian Instructions for exim4u_ver3.1.0

nice neza
Hello Gordon,

I was going through the documentation for debian/ubuntu for exim4u_ver3.1.0 and I came across these instructions:
In Debian/Ubuntu, the SPF perl module is located at /usr/local/bin/spfd instead of /usr/bin/spfd.perl-msq.
Therefore, the command to put into /etc/rc.local as described in the INSTALL file should be amended to reflect this
location as follows:

    /usr/sbin/spfd -path=/tmp/spfd --socket-user Debian-exim --socket-group Debian-exim --set-user Debian-exim &
I am running Ubuntu 14.04LTS and the argument -path is deprecated:
Warning: 'path' option is deprecated; use 'socket' instead.
spfd (PID 7007): Listening on UNIX socket '/tmp/spfd'.
You can change -path to -socket. Below line works for me without any warning/error
/usr/sbin/spfd -socket=/tmp/spfd --socket-user Debian-exim --socket-group Debian-exim --set-user Debian-exim
If anyone else can reproduce the above before committing that would be great.


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