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Kebba Foon
Hi Gordon,

Thanks, i followed your tip and i found out that if i send a new mail the
maildirsize file did get created, but because am rsync-ing  from my main
mail server with a --delete option, the file get deleted.


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   1. Re: No such file or directory: while opening or reading
      /Maildir/maildirsize (Gordon Dickens)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 06:43:29 -0400
From: Gordon Dickens <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: [Exim4U] No such file or directory: while opening or
        reading /Maildir/maildirsize
To: Exim4U General Discussion <[hidden email]>
Message-ID: <[hidden email]>
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Hi Kebba,

You need to examine the MySQL data base values for the accounts that you
copied over from your old Vexim installation and confirm that the maildir
values for the domains and the  smtp/pop values for the users are indeed
the mail directories to which you copied the Vexim data.
Probably the easiest way to do this is to use phpMyAdmin to browse the
databases but you can obviously use MySQL from the command line instead if
you prefer.

I hope that this helps.



On 05/19/2010 05:45 AM, [hidden email] wrote:

> Hi
> I install a new exim4u mail server and copied all my old vexim user
> folders over, everything seems to be working fine, i can send emails
> and with new accounts i create i can receive mails but when i want to
> send emails to the users i copied over from vexim i get this error:
> defer (2): No such file or directory: while opening or reading
> /o_mail/
> Checking inside the old vexim mail folders this file those not exist
> but its on the new onces created exim4u. how can i solve this problem,
> am using debian.
> Thanks
> Kebba
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