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Kebba Foon
Hi list,

my mail server has been listed at, and on their site
they suggested that i should only send bounces to local users but i dont
know how to implement this in exim. recently i found out that some of
the ip's i allow relay for are infect and send a lot of mails with fake
sender addresses, is their a way in exim that i can allow only senders
with local + "accepted" domains to relay mails from my mail server. eg:
that i allow a [hidden email] from <> to relay through my
server but [hidden email] from <> not relay or send any
mails. this will really help me as now what i normally do is block the
smtp for the specific ip sending those spams which affect any legitimate
emails. I really need help on this two problems. here is an example from
the backscattere website.

Backscatterer - Why it is abusive and how to stop your system doing so

Email servers should be configured to provide Non-Delivery Reports
(bounces) to local users only.
Unacceptable email from anywhere else should be rejected.