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Re: Debian exim4 smtp relay spam (Andreas Westvik)

Kebba Foon

> So Im having a smtp problem. Someone is trying to use my server as a relay
for spam mail.
> Now, my host is blocking port 25 for outgoing mail, so its really not

> * But I want to stop SMTP in exim4.  But Im not sure how to do this with
To my understanding exim4 is indeed "SMTP", so you cannot stop smtp on exim
unless you mean something else :)

I remember having a similar problem but this was not an exim problem but
with my horde, some fake spammer manage to get login details of one of my
users by sending them fake mail requesting their passwords and emails for
some bogus reason - don't be surprise some dummies do replay to this mails
providing them with their details. What the spammer did was change the
identities on the horde installation and send out a lot of fake mails.
You should check which user authenticate the time the emails where send.
Also you should check your  "exim4u_relay_from_hosts" file and check which
ip's are there.

> Here is a forum thread I made in the debian forums.

> Anyone know how to do this?

> -Andreas


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