Exim4U Version 2.0.1 Released

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Exim4U Version 2.0.1 Released

Gordon Dickens
Hello Everybody,

Exim4U version 2.0.1 was released today.  Highlights of this release are
as follows:

Simple Mailing List Added To Exim4U's Web Interface

      Exim4U now includes a mailing list manager module called
      the Simple Mailing List. This module is accessibly from within
      the Exim4U web interface and is similar in functionality to
      dedicated mailing list manager packages but with substantially
      fewer features. The Simple Mailing List is not meant as a direct
      replacement for dedicated mailing list manager packages since it
      has a much smaller feature set, however, it offers a quick and
      simple alternative for basic mailing lists especially for
      installations where no other mailing list manager is installed.

Exim4U Webmail Groupware Is Now Based On Horde Version 4 And Uses The
Horde Pear Installer

      Horde Version 4 is a significant upgrade over Horde version 3 with
      much improved AJAX frontends for the various modules along with a
      new installation process using the PEAR installer. The Horde PEAR
      installer has several advantages including a much easier
      installation/configuration process and installations may be
      updated at will immediately after new Horde versions are released.
      Scripts are provided which will automatically configure
      the Exim4U preferences, appearance features and file

Revised Documentation

      The following documents were revised: APPEARANCE, DEBIAN, MIGRATE,


      The Exim4U web interface has been streamlined to be simpler and
      more consistent for improved usability.

      OpenProtect's rule channel has been removed from the recommended
      Spamassassin configuration since the OpenProtect channel is now

      The spamreport script would not run properly on Debian/Ubuntu
      which is now fixed.

      A problem was discovered on Debian Squeeze related to an empty
      crypt field while logging into exim4u's web interface and was
      resolved with a modification to the crypt_password function in

      A bug was fixed in the Exim4U user interface that caused
      formatting problems in userchange.php

      Various other improvements and bug fixes.


      Thomas CarriĆ© designed and implemented all of the software for the
      Simple Mailing List module. Thanks Thomas!

      Neza Nice reported the spamreport bug, the obsolescence of the
      OpenProtect Spamassassin channel and contributed changes in the
      DEBIAN instruction file. Kebba Foon reported the empty crypt field
      bug and participated in its resolution. Thanks Neza and Kebba!

Exim4U version 2.0.1 may be downloaded from here:


A detailed summary of the changes and enhancements in version 2.0.1 may
be reviewed here:


Instructions for upgrading Exim4U version 1.2.5 to 2.0.1 are included in
the changelog here:



Gordon Dickens

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