Exim4U Version 1.2.5 Released

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Exim4U Version 1.2.5 Released

Gordon Dickens
Hello Everybody,

Exim4U version 1.2.5 was released today.  Highlights of this release are
as follows:

Exim Configuration's URIBL/SURBL/DBL Blocklists (exim_surbl) Upgraded

      Upgraded exim_surbl from version 2.0 to version 2.2. This new
      version of exim_surbl adds the Spamhaus DBL list for enhanced
      spam prevention and supports the new SURBL implementation

Revised Exim Configuration's Vacation Autoreply Transport

      The new vacation autoreply transport configuration limits
      autoreplys for each sender to one autoreply per user specified
      time period (default = 1 day) in order to avoid email ping pong
      infinite loops with mailing lists, etc.


      Bug fix to adminuserchange.php related to the vacation autoreply
      text for admin users.

      Expanded the vacation autoreply message field in the MySQL database
      to 4096 characters.

      The smtp_accept_queue_per_connection configuration option was added
      to exim4u_local.conf.inc.


      The vacation autoreply modifications were contributed by Jörg
      Roßdeutscher who also recommended the additions to the DEBIAN
      documentation file.  The upgrade to exim_surbl 2.2 and the
      smtp_accept_queue_per_connection configuration option was
      suggested by Odhiambo Washington.  Thanks Jörg and Odhiambo!

Exim4U version 1.2.5 may be downloaded from here:


A detailed summary of the changes and enhancements in version 1.2.5 may
be reviewed here:


Instructions for upgrading Exim4U version 1.2.4 to 1.2.5 are included in
the changelog here:



Gordon Dickens

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