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Exim4U Version 1.2.4

Gordon Dickens
Hello Everybody,

Exim4U version 1.2.4 was released today.

The primary purpose of this release is to incorporate the latest version
of Horde Webmail Groupware (version 1.2.7) into Exim4U's Webmail
Groupware.  Most of the other changes are of minor significance except
for a change to the exim configuration file (exim.conf) that causes
sender address callout verifications to be performed only for spammy
mail (spam score > 0).

Exim4U version 1.2.4 may be downloaded from here:


A summary of the changes and enhancements in version 1.2.4 may be
reviewed here:


Instructions for upgrading Exim4U version 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 are included in
the changelog here:



Gordon Dickens